Elections are just around the corner, and yes, there is an app for that. But it won’t vote for you.
Elections are just around the corner, and yes, there is an app for that. But it won’t vote for you.
Transgender men and women from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Canada wore their military uniforms Monday at the American Civil Liberties Union building.
From singing on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and riding the subway to recording a program for a Chicago radio station, Kenya’s Afrizo singing group is on a tour like no other.


Which of my students should apply for this internship?

Juniors and seniors with at least one other internship or extensive work in student media. Those who are interested in government and politics and those who want a multimedia reporting experience in a city where news is always being made. One graduate with superior journalism skills, in addition to excellent knowledge of html and content management systems, fills the post-graduate, multimedia fellowship for one year.

Can students get academic credit or do an independent study?

Absolutely. We work with interns to help them get academic credit by filling out forms, proctoring tests or consulting with university officials. Some interns take an online course while they are here or turn research for news stories into an academic project. We also pay our interns and house them for free.

Who supervises this internship?

Director Jody Beck, a journalist with more than 25 years of experience, works with the interns to develop their story ideas, contact sources and notify editors who might be interested in running their stories. She does one-on-one editing, coaches interns as they  rewrite and conducts follow-up story conferences.

How many students write for SHFWire? 

Six interns, including one international student in the spring and fall, are available to take on assignments for student media on your campus or other publications during the three Semester in Washington sessions. 

Who uses the SHFWire? 

Foundation Wire stories appear in major daily newspapers across the United States, including the Scripps Howard TV stations, websites and newspapers as well as non-Scripps publications, including the Winston-Salem Journal, the Chicago Sun Times, the Detroit News and more. When Foundation stories go out on the national Scripps Howard News Service wire, more than 300 clients receive the story.

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